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The Rat Catchers Pest Control Services for Medway Kent ME1 UK

The Rat Catchers - Medway Kent ME1, is thrilled to offer our effective, professional pest control and pest extermination services to all ME1 Postcodes.  We specializes in the control and eradication of rodent pests, including rats, mice and squirrels.

As part of our effective Medway Kent ME1 rodent pest control treatments, we offer both rat, mice and squirrel baiting treatments, as well as rat and mice proofing measures.  These two aspects of pest control, carried out together, ensure that your rodent pest infestation is eliminated and also that the potential of rat and mice pest re-infestation, is greatly diminished. 

We also guarantee that all our Medway, Kent based pest control technicians are expertly qualified in pest control management and are fully insured.  In addition to this, our technicians have ten plus years of professional pest control practice experience and are able to offer effective pest control treatment plans for both commercial and residential properties.

If you are unsure of any aspects of our Medway pest control services, or of what type of treatment you need, please don't hesitate to give our offices a call, where a qualified professional will be happy to answer all your questions.  We are delighted to offer our pest control services and treatments to Medway, Kent, customers, seven days a week and in most cases we can offer you a pest control appointment visit, within 24 hours, if not on the same day.

Call now and get rid of your rat, mice or squirrel infestation.  0203 648 9324

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